Hastings Seed Exchange

The Fred & Louise Hubbard Seed Exchange Relaunches!

Launch Party! Saturday, June 11th, 1pm-2pm

@ The Hastings Public Library

How our free seed exchange works:

Everyone is welcome to pick up seeds to grow, whether or not they contribute. Please be prepared to plant your seeds this year. Seeds in the Exchange will be replenished seasonally. As more people save their seeds to share, the Hastings Seed Exchange will expand and benefit all our gardens with increased diversity.

Self-harvested seeds and commercial seed packets are both welcome. We accept vegetable, herb, flower and all native plant seeds. Here is a good article on seed saving.

To share: Please bring any seeds you'd like to donate in labeled envelopes to the Hastings Public Library seed drop box. The box is located inside the library and is accessible during library hours only.

Label your envelopes with the following information:

    • Plant name (variety and/or scientific name if you know it), type (native/cultivar), and date harvested, plus any other specifics you can share: sun/shade, moist/dry, deer resistant, organically grown at home or otherwise.

    • Your name and contact details (telephone or email).

To receive: pick up any seeds you'd like to take home and plant!

Questions welcome! Just email hastingspollinatorpathway@gmail.com, Subject: Seed Exchange

Plus: HPP medallions, Totes, No Mow May signs and Raine Gifford Prints will be available for purchase. C'mon down!

HPP Seed Swap Feb 2021 Growing Information
Our seed packets and table at the Hastings Farmers' Market, February 2021