Our Supporters

We thank the following contributors to our 5 Corners Kickstarter campaign!


Diane Dobbs Allen Charitable Trust for Hastings-on-Hudson

Mary Lavender


Nadine Dehgan

Keri Wachter

Joanie Dinowitz

Jo Hastings

Lisa & Greg Linn


Janet Clough

Anne and David Gunton

Jean Hamerman

Claudia Heitler

April Johnson

Mia Johnson

Irene Jong

Susan Maggiotto

Melissa Marsh

Kathleen McArdle

Listerman Ramsey family

Katie Tolson

Aurelie Athan

Susan Brownie

Muriel Fleurs

Lynn Kelly

Lisa Liquori

Louise Mullan

Aarthi Muthukrishnan

Nadia Sa'd Mulaire


Iris Hiskey Arno

Mara Ayuso

Bash the Trash Environmental Arts

Leah Belsky

Dorrie and Jeffrey Bernstein

Sharon Bilman

Cara Eisenpress

Sarita Einsenstark

Patricia Fernandez

Marci Goolsby

Susan Harris

Tom Kenney

Ben Kirshbaum

Martin Laskin

Christine Lehner

Natasha Banta McDermott

Donna Mercurio

Jennifer Murphy

Pinar O'Flaherty

Suzanne C. Page

Christopher Ross

Monique Rothman

Anna Schwartz

Judith Simmons

Susan Subramanian

Cassandra Sweet

Julio Terra

Rachel Thornton

Ashley Westrich


John Castiglione

Jane Collins

Joan Cornachio

Andrea Durham

Raine Gifford

Rens Groothuijsen

Ariana Habib

Peilin Kuo

Richard Lovejoy

Cameron Mcinnes

Elizabeth Cannon Mullen

Project Hot Sauce

Andrew Ratzkin

Katie Kopin Sargent

Zoe Schmid

Sandra Selikson

Carol Sommerfield

The Creative Fund by BackerKit

Rachel Thornton

Kate Washton

Amber Weintraub


More thank yous...

To the Village of Hastings on Hudson for planting the beautiful trees and helping with watering & to all of our volunteers who have helped us weed, plant, and water

We couldn't do it without all of you and are so grateful to be in such a supportive and engaged community! More to come!