Hastings Pollinator Pathway

Our Mission

The Hastings Pollinator Pathway supports pollinators by strategically linking large green spaces via networks of pollinator-friendly gardens on public and private land.

Why are we doing this? The world’s community of pollinators is in crisis.

  • One in four native bee species are facing extinction.

  • There are significant declines in other pollinator populations as well, which include beetles, ants, birds, moths, butterflies, flies, gnats, and small mammals, such as bats.

  • Pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of 80-95% of plant species on earth.

There are numerous causes for this decline, with habitat loss and pesticide use at the top.

Conservation techniques work. When homeowners, governmental agencies and private companies commit to expanding pollinator-friendly, pesticide-free habitats, we will change the future for pollinators and secure our own. We encourage your home to become a node on a path through Hastings!

The Pathway in Hastings. Major arteries of the Hastings Pollinator Pathway plan include:

  • Inter-village pathways: the Old Croton Aqueduct & Saw Mill River

  • East-west connecting paths: Mt Hope Blvd and Farragut Avenue/Parkway

  • Every home garden, large and small


Adopt-a-Spot News

Tompkins Island @Broadway

Many thanks to the Village of Hastings for making possible the planting of this white oak (let) at the northbound Broadway entrance to the Village. Carefully sourced and planted with help from Ryan & Ryan and Hastings Parks & Rec, this signature species is a symbol of ecosystem integrity that we hope will grace that spot for the next 250 years. If you have your eye on a spot that could use some native plant love, you can either single-handedly – or with a dedicated group of volunteers take on its transformation and maintenance. Check out the Adopt-a-Spot section of our website here.

Kickstarter Campaign a Success! @5 Corners

Thanks to Everyone who contributed!! Our 5-Corners Kickstarter campaign is fully funded. If you donated and selected a reward, you can look for it to arrive in the next couple of months. Now that we're funded we can get to planning for the springand the extra funds will help us get going without skipping a beat!

If you'd like to get hands-on, join us Sunday, Nov 7 at 10am for a mugwort-weeding party in our 5-C pollinator garden.

Tiny Vampires

Watch a recording of our own Melissa Reavis' Zoom talk, Tiny Vampires: Understanding Mosquitoes and Ticks in our Landscape.

Melissa covers the species of mosquitoes and ticks we encounter in Westchester; their roles in our ecosystem; what attracts them to people; and how best to protect yourself and your family. She discusses standard pesticide practices and alternatives. A treasure trove of information! Melissa was hosted by Chet Kerr's Living Classroom project, part of the Rivertowns Pollinator Pathway. For more of Chet's recordings, click here.

For more fun events and information

Installing or expanding a garden is one of many ways to help the pollinator pathway project.

Join with friends or neighbors to beautify and support pollinators on a Village-owned parcel.

See what others in the northeast are doing to support pollinators as well as some municipal projects. Hastings' pathway will help connect H2H - the Housatonic to the Hudson.

Image is made of actual flower petals, by Helen Ahpornsiri

View the pathway that will connect us with other communities and add your pollinator garden to the map.

Check out upcoming events all around Westchester. Got one to list? Email us!

← ← Bee Pollinator Proud!

Available for purchase: 6" round metal medallions: $10 (plus $2.65 service fee, which covers postage to your house).

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