HPP Garden Map

What is a Pollinator Garden?

Any pesticide-free garden that provides some food and habitat with pollinator-friendly native plants is a pollinator garden.

Experience the joy of a garden buzzing with life. You can get started—and list yourself—with just a plant or two.  Our many species of birds and insects will thank you. Resources here.

What is a Pollinator Pathway?

Pollinators need way-stations to roam and migrate. A pollinator pathway offers nodes that nourish them on their travels from one large tract to the next, facilitating their movements.

The teal lines on the map are conceptual corridors along Hastings thoroughfares that will help connect the green spaces of Hillside Woods, the Lenoir Preserve and Saw Mill River watershed. Every house in-between can help pollinators get from one place to the next.

What is the Regional Context?

Hastings itself is a stepping stone on a larger migratory pathway that stretches beyond its borders. Together with neighboring and area municipalities we can help support the ecological health of the region.