Tompkins Island @Broadway

Adopted by Katie Tolson

The island in November of 2021

We were grateful for help to install the tree

All set to grow:  Quercus alba, an ecosystem anchor

The Beautification Committee has tended this site for many years, and gladly accepted Katie Tolson's offer to take over maintenance and improve this gateway to our Village. The first order of business was replacing the bradford pear tree that had come down in a storm. Katie chose a white oak because of its ecosystem benefits

Alongside the white oak you'll see: four Raydon's Favorite Aromatic Asters (Aster oblongifolius Raydon's) and two Dwarf 'Baby Joe' Pye Weed (Eupatorium dubium). Thanks to Amy Falder for her donation of these native flowers. More to come next spring!

Many thanks to Tricia van Oers for helping select and source the tree.

For more pictures, see our photo album.