The Birds & Bees Protection Act

Bill Summary:

The Birds and Bees Protection Act (S1856 Hoylman-Sigal/A3226 Glick) prohibits 80-90% of the neonic pollution entering New York’s environment every year by prohibiting: (1) neonic-treatments on corn, soybean and wheat seeds—the single largest and most widespread neonic use; and (2) non-agricultural “lawn and garden” uses that are approved at much higher rates per acre than in agriculture, creating toxic hot spots of neonic contamination in urban and suburban areas. Extensive Cornell University research has found these uses provide no overall economic benefits or are easily replaceable with safer, effective alternatives. The bill also preserves the ability for use of neonics against invasive species where warranted. Read more about neonics

The bill has passed the NYS Assembly and is pending passage in the NYS Senate. Now's the time to exert your muscle!

Contact Information for NYS Legislative Leadership:

Senate President Andrea Stewart Cousins – 518-455-2585 (Albany); 914-423-4031 (District); 212-298-5585 (NYC)

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie – 518-455-3791 (Albany); 718-654-6539 (District)


Contact Information for Key Committee Members:

Michelle Hinchey – 845-331-3810 (District); 518-455-2350 (Albany)

James Skoufis – 845-567-1270 (District); 518-455-3290 (Albany)

John Mannion – 315-428-7632 (District); 518-455-3511 (Albany)

Monica Martinez –  631-341-7111 (District); 518-455-2765 (Albany)

Anthony Palumbo – 631-461-9100 (District); 518-455-3121 (Albany)

Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick – 516-766-8383 (District); 518-455-2400 (Albany)

Hinchey (Hudson), Skoufis (Orange County), Martinez (western Suffolk), and Palumbo (far eastern Suffolk) especially need influencing; these are members of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, so please comment!


Sample Script:



My name is ______ and I’m a constituent of [REPRESENTATIVE] from [TOWN/CITY] and a member of [ORGANIZATION IF APPLICABLE]. I’m calling today in support the Birds and the Bees Protection Act (S1856 Hoylman-Sigal), which would curb wasteful use of neurotoxic neonic (knee-OH-nick) pesticides that are a leading cause of mass losses of bees and other pollinators we depend on for food. They also extensively pollute New York water, putting our health at risk, especially the health of children.


I strongly support the bill and I hope [REPRESENTATIVE] does too. Can we count on the [REPRESENTATIVE’S] support to ensure the bill passes this session?


Talking Points:

The script above should be more than sufficient for the call. Likely, you will talk to a staff member who will simply log whether you support or oppose the bill. However, if you would like to say more, some talking points and a bill summary are provided below.