Municipal & Regional Projects & News

Creating Migratory Paths & Increasing Pollinator Plant Capacity

From public park to parkway median to home garden, each pollinator-friendly green space contributes to a larger pathway that supports the essential migration and habitats of our pollinators.  

Hastings' Municipal Pollinator Projects 

Cliff Street Pollinator Garden:  Recent damage by a runaway truck to the retaining wall at Cliff Street and Mt. Hope required the village to rebuild and re-plant the impacted area. The Hastings Pollinator Pathway consulted on the project and worked with neighboring residents to produce a sustainable solution. Native trees were planted in 2020 and a meadow will be seeded in spring of 2021.

Quarry Park pollinator gardens: Hastings' newest park will include areas for many types of use, and will be all native plants: shrubs, trees, and flowers, including roses!

Ravensdale Bridge underpass and surrounding area: the Hastings Pollinator Pathway learned that some common but invasive species were in the proposed county landscape design for the bridge repair area, and are working with the planning team to identify native alternatives. In addition, we are lobbying for the reconstruction plan to include a bioswale for water runoff instead of gravel riprap. Our team has also worked with the Hastings Board of Trustees to change the current seeding specifications to move away from traditional, mowed lawns to a native, meadow mix. The new path connecting the bridge to the trailway will now be lined with native grasses and flowers. For docs, click here.

The Hastings Beautification Committee has started incorporating native plants in the areas it tends. Volunteers welcome.

The Hastings Vine Squad removes invasive vines from public trees. Volunteers welcome.

The Hillside Woods Restoration Project is working to return a healthy habitat to Hillside Woods, including a wildflower meadow. Volunteers welcome.

You can also care for a public space: See Hastings' Adopt-a-Spot program.

Native trees planted on Cliff St, December 2020: a horse chestnut, a linden and a red maple. A wildflower meadow will be reseeded here in spring.

Regional Organizations Fighting for Pollinators 

Getting more gardens going locally amplifies efforts nationally

Irvington Pollinator Pathway Project

Ardsley Pollinator Pathway Project

Dobbs Ferry Pollinator Project - umbrella for area pathway projects

H2H: Hudson to the Housatonic - works regionally, in Fairfield, Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties

NY State Pollinator Protection Plan - guidelines from DEC

The Wild Seed Project - Returning native plants to the Maine landscape

The Original Postmodern Pollinator Pathway Concept. - based in Seattle

Xerces Pollinator Protection Program - a national organization & great resource

Pollinator Pathways in Regional News

Food For Thought: The Pollinator Pathway about the Connecticut pathway's impact on a farm (Edible Nutmeg, 2020)

People Across Connecticut are Creating a Pollinator Pathway for Bees and Butterflies (CT Magazine, 8.20.20)

Pollinator Pathway Gardens: Gaining Local Support: news from New Castle and a roundup from the region (Inside Press, 2.2020)

Quarry Park planning document

The growing family of Rivertowns' pollinator pathway projects