a parking lot story

Adopted by the Hastings Vine Squad

September 2020

Northeast Corner of Zinsser Commuter Lot, Adopted by the Hastings Vine Squad in 2021

 ←This picture shows the area overgrown with porcelain berry. Nothing else can live underneath it, except some early-showing invasive plants. It looked a mess!

The Vine Squad cut back the vines that were imperiling the trees, dug up lots of viney roots and cleared the site in January 2021. 

Thanks to volunteers watering the garden in the intense summer heat, it's coming along!

For more information on this site, or to join the fun!, email vinesquad@hastingsgov.org.

January 2021

April, 2021: we were greeted by a carpet of that local nemesis: lesser celandine, which we dug up. 

June 2021: we planted bare-root seedlings from DEC: native witch hazel, dogwood and ninebark, tubing the witch hazel and dogwood from deer, and added some sturdy native flowers, such as violets, asters, echinacea & goldenrod plus a catmint (not native). All were donated from gardens in Hastings.

August, 2021

October, 2021

July, 2022

October, 2022

May 2023: planted wild geranium

...and golden ragwort

April: some help from Vine Squad volunteers

September, 2023

We had to water the new plants often over the summer