Our Fall Fest Seed Swap

Fall Fest Free Seed Swap!

RAIN DATE UPDATE: Sunday, October 17th, from 4:00-6:00PM

Fulton Hill on the Hastings Public Library lawn

To share: Please bring any seeds (natives/vegetables/herbs/flowers) you’ve collected in envelopes to be swapped, and label your envelopes with any of the following information:

    • Plant name (variety and/or scientific name if you know it), type (native/cultivar), date collected, sun/shade, moist/dry, deer resistant, organically grown at home or otherwise, and any other specifics you can share

    • You can also bring plants to share if you’ve got extra and/are thinning out some areas of your garden. Please bring them in containers or plastic bags, labeled.

    • We plan to eventually make the seeds available at the Hastings Public Library. Stay tuned!

To receive: just pickup what you'd like to take home and plant! Everyone is welcome to pick up a few packets of seeds to grow, whether or not they contribute—we’ve even “seeded” our collection with some donations from native nurseries. Every year's seed crop will expand as more people save their seeds to share, and all our gardens will benefit from increased diversity.

Garden medallions will also be available for purchase, $10 cash. Questions welcome! Just email!

Fall Fest Seed Saving Workshop

Join HPP member Katie Tolson at the event! Other features will be crafting with vines, garden tools table, and more.

HPP Seed Swap Feb 2021 Growing Information
Our seed packets and table at the Hastings Farmers' Market, February 2021