The Great Hastings Seed Swap

Grow, share, expand!

By sharing seeds, we raise the energy and diversity of all gardens.

How our free seed swap works: You share extra seeds from your stash and we organize, label, and make seeds available for pickup at an event. We catalog growing information for all seeds in a spreadsheet and post to this page (see below).

Everyone is welcome to pick up a few packets of seeds to grow, whether or not they contribute—we’ve even “seeded” our collection with some donations from native nurseries. Every year's seed crop will expand as more people save their seeds to share, and all our gardens will benefit from increased diversity.

A seed-saving workshop is in the works, date TBA.

We launched our seed swap at the Hastings Farmers' Market on Saturday, February 20th, 2021. We plan to set up our table again in April, and to make the seeds available at the Hastings Public Library, once it is reopened to the public. Stay tuned!

Email us with any questions or for more info at

Our seed packets and table at the Hastings Farmers' Market, February 2021
HPP Seed Swap Feb 2021 Growing Information