How to Adopt-a-Spot

Everyone in Hastings can officially adopt and tend a public space through the Village's Adopt-a-Spot program. Adopting a Spot means keeping your Spot litter-free and tended. You can also install a pollinator garden!

1. Review the Guidelines for an overview of Adopter responsibilities.

2. Select a spot from the Village's list or suggest one not already listed.

3. Apply! Start your adoption by filling out an Application form.

4. Once OK'd, the Village will provide an Agreement with plan details for you to sign.

Can't Volunteer but Want to Contribute?

The Adopt-a-Spot program accepts donations. Click here for how to be a Sponsor.

Want to Volunteer but don't want to go it alone? Form a neighborhood group, or
join the Hastings Beautification Committee, Vine Squad, or Hillside Woods Restoration Project.

One of the traffic islands on Mt Hope Blvd

Sample Spots up for Adoption

  • Mt Hope and Farragut Avenue Traffic Islands

  • R. Sheldon Wagner Plaza Triangular Pocket Park @Warburton & Broadway

  • South County Trailway select spots

  • Pocket parks

  • Suggest your own!

Adopt-a-Spot Projects in Progress

Hillside Ave Traffic Circle

Neighbors on Hillside Ave working to plant bulbs for spring.

Spots that have been Adopted

  • Hillside Avenue & Rosedale traffic circle island

  • 5 Corners next to the Aqueduct by Chauncey Lane

  • Northern corner of the train station parking lot, near Glycomed

  • Southside Avenue traffic island in front of St. George Bistro

  • Broadway @Tompkins traffic island

  • Intersection of Rosedale, Merrill & Hamilton traffic triangle

  • Zinsser Way traffic circle island

  • Beautification Committee Established Spots:

      • Foodtown garden on Broadway @5 Corners

      • American Legion Memorial across from Foodtown

      • VFW Plaza at Spring Street & Warburton

      • Villard & Broadway cherry orchard garden

      • Library gardens

      • Post Office parking lot verges

      • Town barrels

      • And occasional guest-spots